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The Benefits of a Shirt




T-shirts are a great way to express unity with your organization. Whether you are a school, business, or any other organization, shirts are always a great way to make your team look great and professional. Check out all the different styles of garments we have to offer and choose whats right for you!



Screen Printing is an art form and so is every graphic that goes on the tee. We always love to see new designs and shirt ideas, so if you want to express your art stop by the shop and see how we can help get you started! We always are looking to help out.



Next time you place your ready to print, think about throwing a few extra shirts in your order to hand out as gifts to people. Your logo shirt will be a great way to create a walking advertisement. You may also want to look into a higher quality shirt that people will want to wear around!


Screen Printing

Our Passion


Every garment is a blank canvas, and with our help, we will bring your artwork to life. It is a long complicated process to put ink on a shirt, but screen printing is a passion of ours and we take pride in every shirt that leaves our door. See the benefits of screen printing above and start your next order with H&S.


The Finer Things


What started as a process of mending, tailoring and patching clothes has now become a high social status in society and a hugely popular art form. We seek to maintain this "craft of the two hands"  by offering embroidery to our customers. Call us to find out how you can use embroidery.

Our Services

Direct to Garment

No more minimums


We want to cater to all of our customers no matter how big or small, that's why we have invested in a direct to garment printer for lower quantity orders. Maybe you have a design in mind, come see how it looks in minutes with our direct to garment printer that allows customers to print on a single shirt. Direct to garment printing is only done on light colored garments.

Heat Press



Whether you have a mesh basketball jersey or a cotton t-shirt, it's a necessity for most teams to have numbers on their jerseys. With this said, we found that the heat press machine is a service we must offer. If you're looking to print numbers or create your own transfer paper, give us a call and we'll get you started.


Cotton Color


To offer a variation of screen printing, we recently explored into discharge to give our customers more options when it come to color and style. You may have seen this type of printing that almost appears as the natural color of the cotton and gives off a unique look. Give us a call and ask us about discharge printing for your next job.

Water Base

Eco Friendly


We are excited to offer water based inks that are better for our environment and produce a softer feel. We tend to use water based inks on some of our light weight cotton tees to allow the ink to embed in the shirt rather than lay on top. It's also a great look for creating a vintage design!

Graphic Design

Ideas to Life


Sometimes it can be tough to create a graphic whether you already have an idea or not. If this is the case and you need some creative help, our design team is here to draw up something you will love. Give us a call or stop by the shop to see how our graphic designers can help!

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